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RICCO has announced new vacancy in Rajasthan for various posts including AAO-II for which total 23 posts are vacant and they are to be filled , so interested candidates can apply for the exams .ricco aao exam syllabus, ricco aao exam pattern , number of posts and RICCO aao classes and coaching details are given under –

Also we have started New Batches for this AAO Posts online course Covering the following –

1. Video lectures of complete subject knowledge (Commerce)

2. Complete Notes ( हिंदी & English)

3. 5000+ MCQs for practice ( Error Free)

4. 20 Mock Tests Online

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अगर आप इस exam को crack करना चाहते हो तो यह आपके लिए सबसे बेहतरीन मौक़ा है क्यूँकि हाल हाई में Jvvnl exam के लिए आपने तैयारी की है और अब यह भर्ती आयी है ऐसे में आपको ज़रूरत है सही मार्गदर्शन और सही contents की ताकि आप अपनी तैयारी को मजबूत कर सके ।

आज ही जॉन करें हमारा online course जिसमें इस बार आपको Video lectures By Professional Faculties,हिंदी व English Notes ( Syllabus के अनुसार तैयार)

MCQs (100% Error free) ,20 mock tests.

Other important details are as under-

Eligibility for ricco aao vacancy B. Com with minimum 60% Marks from recognized university

WITH Computer certificate

Salary of ricco aao vacancy-L-11(26500 Fix Pay During probation)

Application date for ricco aao exam – (17.10.2021 to 13.11.2021)

More details– http://www.riico.co.in


Exam pattern of ricco aao  Written exam of 450 marks in two parts

Part 1- 180 marks

Part 2- 270 marks


Detailed syllabus of AAO RICCO Vacancy / Ricco aao syllabus given here

Section ‘A’ Reasoning/Quantitative Aptitude(20 question of 60 marks)

Section ‘B’ • General Knowledge & General Knowledge of Rajasthan:(30 question of 90 marks)

1. Events of State, National and International importance

2. Geography and Natural Resources of India and Rajasthan

3. Agricultural, Social and economic development of India Rajasthan

4. Indian Medieval History, Indian struggle for Independence,, and History of Rajasthan

5. Culture and heritage of India and Rajasthan

General Science:

1. Elements, Mixtures and Compounds

2. Physical and Chemical Changes; Oxidation and Reduction: Catalysis

3. Metals and Non Metals

4. Acids, bases and Salts

5.Reflection of light and its laws, lenses, human eye, defects of vision and its correction

6. Electric current, Electric potential, Ohms law, electric cell and Electric motor

7. Human Brain, hormones, human diseases and cure

8. Economic importance of animals and plants

9. Biomass, sources of energy, ecosystem, Mendel’s Law of inheritance, chromosomes

10. Human blood groups, blood transfusion, Deficiency diseases and cure

Basic Computer Skills:

1. Introduction to Computers

2. Computer Systems

3. Uses of Computers

4. Introduction to the Internet & Search Engines, Internet Applications

5. Operating system,

6. MS Word Advance

7. Database Management System

8. MS Excel Advance

9. MS Power Point Basics

10. Microsoft Outlook-Basics

Section ‘C’ Language Comprehension (10 questions of 30 marks)


1. शब्द रचना: संधि एवं संधि धवच्छेद, समास, उपसर्ग, प्रत्यय
2. शब्द प्रकार: तत्सम, तत्भव, अिगतत्सम, देशज, धवदेशी, संज्ञा, सवगनाम, धवशेषण, धिया, अव्यय 3. शब्द ज्ञान: पयागयवाची, धवलोम, शब्द युग्मो का अर्गभेद, वाक्ांश के धलए सार्गक शब्द, संश्रुततधभन्नार्गक शब्द, समानार्ी शब्द, उपयुक्त शब्द चयन, संबंिवाची शब्दावली 4. शब्द शुद्धि 5. व्याकरधणक कोधियााँ: परसर्ग, धलंर्, वचन, पुरुष, काल, वृधि, पक्ष , वाच्य 6. वाक् रचना 7. वाक् शुद्धि 8. धवराम धचन्हो का प्रयोर् 9. मुहावरे/ लोकद्धक्तया 10. पाररभाधषक शब्दावली: प्रशासधनक/ धवधवि


1. Use of articles and determiners

2. Tenses/ sequence of tenses

3. Active and passive voice

4. Direct and Indirect Narration

5. Use of Prepositions

6. Synonyms and antonyms

7. Comprehension of passage

8. Idioms and Phrases

9. Letter writing: Official, Demi-official. Circulars and Notices

Part -II Commerce syllabus of 270 marks

Section ‘A’ 45 questions of 135 marks)

Ind-As115 and Ind-As 116, Bank reconciliation & banking transactions, Cost Estimate Ascertainment & Appropriation of Overheads, Valuation of inventories, Financial statements as per Schedule-III, Financial Management with specific reference to Cash Flow Statement, Capital Budgeting, Ratio Analysis.

Questions- 45


Section ‘B’ (45 questions of 135 marks)

Companies Act 2013, basic provisions about final accounts, audit, elementary knowledge of G.S.T., Income Tax Based on Financial Act, Heads of Income with much focus on Business Income, Calculation of Income Tax considering various deductions under chapter-VI, TDS- Provisions and its applicability’s.


Total marks for all subjects 450

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